The week of 9 to 13 May was a wonderful experience for Art students in the Middle and Senior School at St Luke's Anglican School. We were fortunate enough to have an exceptionally talented artist, by the name of Carolyn V Watson, working in the School for the week.


Carolyn is gaining an admirable reputation in the Art world for her incredibly life-like, but impossible sculptures of all sorts of imaginative creatures and forms. These sculptures, along with her drawings and paintings, have won many Art prizes and are becoming highly sought after.


Art students from Years 7 to 12 had the opportunity to meet with Carolyn, talk with her about her work and see her actually creating a sculpture that she has now donated to the School. The Senior Art students then experienced a full one-day workshop with Carolyn, where she challenged them with new artistic concepts, techniques and processes.


It was a wonderful educational experience for our students.


Mr Russell Garrad

Senior Coordinator

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