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Annual Mayoral Chaplaincy Support Breakfast

Attending the Mayoral Chaplaincy breakfast was an incredible experience of having breakfast with over 400 members of the Bundaberg Community. Father Iain, Rae Bridges and myself were inspired by the school chaplains who were there. We heard testimonies from a few parents, with kids who struggle with disabilities or who had traumatic accidents with the heart-wrenching aftermath. Chaplains supported these children through these difficult times. The results were truly amazing, with a confidence boost and the strengthening abilities to trust and believe in themselves and have a new perspective or find their way through life's challenges. We heard from a young gentleman who had previously struggled with people skills and ADHD and, with the guidance of a chaplain, has been able to begin his dream career of becoming a chef. With the support of chaplains, hungry children are fed.


We also heard from the creator of the Red Frogs organisation, Andy Gourley, who assists troubled youth and helps with big parties and festivals such as schoolies. He delivers red frogs, he offers walk homes to young people who are a bit tipsy and are unsure about their surroundings. He is always in the right place at the right time because he has saved so many lives by just monitoring the people at these events.


Chaplains are truly inspirational and willing to give their time to young people in need. It would be a very emotional and difficult job but these people do it out of the love in their hearts and they get to experience wonderful transformations in hundreds of students across this region. The breakfast is definitely a worthwhile cause and left an imprint on the lives of everyone who attended.


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